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Wheels, Tubes, Medium Art and Dichroic Beads

Wheels/Tube Large Hole Beads
Wheel Beads are created with 2-3 glass colors and the Tube Beads are made with one color. All Wheel Beads are about ½” around and the Tube Beads are about ¾” – 1” long. Large 3MM. size hole. All Beads are Moretti Transparent, Opaque, or of Opalescent Glass. The Wheel Beads have Candy Stripe, Dots, or Wave patterns! Great for stringing onto satin or leather cord.

All Large Hole Tube Beads: $4.00 each

Cased Yellow Twist, Opaque Lime Smooth, and Transparent Aqua Twist

All Large Hole Wheel Beads: $4.00 each

Left to Right Wheels – Black/White Dot, Violet/Teal Wave, Black/Periwinkle Stripe,
Blue/Violet Dot, Green Cased, Black/White Stripe, Brown/Mustard Wave

Medium and Dichroic Art Glass Large Hole Beads
Beads are created with 3-4 different glass colors. There are many different colors and patterns in these Beads! They are more or less about ¾” long x ¾” around. Large 3MM. size hole. All Beads are made of Moretti Transparent, Opaque, or of Opalescent Glass. Great for making into pendants and charms. Come assorted in patterns. If you desire one of the designs or shapes pictured please give a description. See detail descriptions below each photo.

All Large Hole Medium Art Beads – $8.00
Please see Small Hole Medium Art Beads for ordering color combinations.

All Large Hole Medium Dichroic Beads – $10.00
Be creative!  Come up with your own color arrangements or get ideas from the photos on the Medium Art Beads on the Small Hole Page or assort them to the rainbow.  These Beads contain about 3 colors.

Custom Orders Are Welcome!!!

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