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Enamel| Table Top and Wall Art

There are many things in my life that inspire my art ~ motorcycle trips, the Earth, my farm, memories, hope and color. These are all one of a kind works of art.

These enameled pieces come from my imagination that are inspired from things I see, feel and experience designed for the tabletop and or wall. What you see here are pieces Amy has created and have been sold. They are shown as examples.

Each piece of copper is either hammered, cut, or bent into free form shapes before being enameled. From this process there will be occasionally small stress cracks – it is part of the enameling process in this case. They are all counter enameled to minimize the stress between the copper and glass enamel. These pieces are fired between the temperatures of 1300 – 1500 degrees for each color to achieve the effects shown. Each piece is then titled and signed by the artist. If at any time you would like to have one of these items and they are marked “Sold” just let me know and sometimes I can create another piece that is like it. But never would I reproduce anything just like it.

If ever a piece is dropped or stepped on thus causing the enamel to crack and fall off I can fire the enamel and if needed apply more enamel. In most cases I can repair the damage at a very low cost or at no cost. Just pay for the shipping/mailing of the piece to me and then back to you. Please understand there will be a small change in the looks, but very little.

The copper enamels are not intended for ashtrays or food use please.

Winged Lady with handmade glass beads and a set of earrings of handmade glass and sterling silver.

“Cool Kats”. Silver cloisonne copper enamel on a quilted wall plaque.  About 8×6″

The next 5 pictures show handmade copper enameled life-size leaves. Size up to 7 inches. Beautiful in a grouping for tabletop or wall hanging.

~SOLD~ “Starlite River” $56.005 3/4″ around x 1″ deep Bowl ~ wavy edge.   “Inspired from my mind of the night.”

~SOLD~ “Watercolors” $53.006 3/4″ around x 1 1/4″ deep Bowl ~ hammered edge.   “Soothing mix of 6 Transparent colors.”

~SOLD~ “Springtime Sunrise” $48.005 3/4″ around x 1 1/4″ deep Bowl ~ crimped edges.   “Inspired from the sky at sunrise as I was walking on the farm in the springtime.”

~SOLD~ “Midnight Autumn” $58.005 1/2″ x 1 3/4″ tall Bowl ~ round edge.   “Designed from being in the woods on a fall night.”

~SOLD~ “3 Times the Charm”5″ around x 2 6/16” deep ~ smooth round edge.   “Yup the third time IS the charmer!”

~SOLD~ “Sea Flower”   This copper enamel bowl stands 1 ¾” x  5” around. The edges were clipped into a petal look that’s ungulates in the ocean. Then enameled with 5 opaque, transparent and opal glass colors.  It was fired about 6 times to get this effect. “The beauty and colors of the ocean coral reef.”

~SOLD~ “Autumn Dream”   This copper enameled bowl stands about 4” x  6 ½” around. Made with opaque, transparent and opal glass enamels of about 10 colors.  It was high fired at low temperatures to get this effect. “This warm bowl reminds me of fall time leaves wrapped in the night darkness”.

~SOLD~ “Whirlwind Night”   This copper enamel bowl stands 1 ¼” x  7” around. Made with opaque, transparent and opal glass enamels of about seven colors.  It was high fired about 8 times to get this effect. “A starry windy night in an open field.”

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