Western Tour

“Enamels inspired from my motorcycle trip in 2010” ~

The grandest mountain passes, too the open vistas, Lava Flows, and a Crater that the water is so aqua blue that it seems to go on forever deep. Grand Mesa and Colorado National Monument, Colorado; Flaming Gorge, Wyoming; Lava Butte and Crater lake, Oregon: and Thee Great Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah!

“Aspen Forest On The Grand Mesa”

“Aspen Forest” ~ Grand Mesa, CO. $135.00

Glass Enamel Bowl 8 1/2″ around

“A view of the Aspen forest in Colorado’s Grand Mesa”

“Grand Mesa Lake”

“Lake View” Grand Mesa, CO.
Glass Enamel Bowl 8 1/2″ around

“Colorado National Monument Cliffs”

“Colorado National Monument” $160.00Copper Enamel Bowl 8 3/4″ around

“Flaming Gorge Wyoming”

“Earth meets Sky” Flaming Gorge, WY. $158.0010″ around x 3/4″ deep Bowl ~ smooth round edge.

“Snow Capped Mountains at Lava Butte”

~SOLD~ “Snow Capped Mountains at the Lava Fields”

10″ around Glass Copper Enamel Bowl of Lava Butte, OR.

“The beauty of the Lava Fields in western Oregon.”

~SOLD~ “Snow Capped View” $118.00

“The Three Sister Wilderness at Lava Butte, Oregon”
“Three Sisters” Lava Butte, OR. $138.00

Glass Enamel Bowl 8 1/2″ around

“The sharp contrast of Earth and Sky.”

“The Three Sister Wilderness with Lava Fields”

~SOLD~ “The Three Sisters” Lava Butte, OR.

10 1/4″ long x 4 1/2″ wide x 3/4″ deep Oval Tray ~ smooth round edge.

“This must be my most favorite subject ~ The mountain views in Oregon.”

“A Peak Through View of Crater Lake, Oregon”

~SOLD~ Peak Through View” $128.00

8″ around x 1 1/4″l ~ smooth round edge. Deep Flared bowl shape.

“Inspired from Crater Lake ~ it’s my favorite subject for my copper enamels.”

“Crater Lake Mountain Side Rim”

~SOLD~ “Ambitious Earth” Crater Lake, OR

Copper Enamel Bowl 8 1/2″ around with smooth edge

“The depth of Blues at Crater Lake, Oregon.”

“Crater Lake Wizard Island”

~SOLD~ Crater Lake Island” ~ Wizard Island, Crater Lake, OR.

8 1/4″ around x 1 1/8″ ~ smooth round edge, deep plate like wide bottom.

“I was inspired from the deep blue waters and the sky. As the Rim creates a basin for both.”

~SOLD~ “Wizard Island” $58.00

8″ long copper enamel tray with rounded corners.

“View of Crater Lake’s rim with Wizard Island.”

“Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah”

~SOLD~ “The Great Flat” Salt Flats, Utah $78.00

Tray 9″ x 5″ x 1/2″ ~ smooth edge.

“Inspired from my motorcycle trips to Crater Lake, OR. 2010”

Next Tour: “Homeland”

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