Across the Land

While traveling, Amy became inspired by the way the 1st Native people carved through the layers of rock to expose the different colors. Drawings into the enamel are all one of a kind, depicting things in nature.

Each piece of copper is hammered, shaped before they are enameled and drawn into before being kiln fired. These pieces are fired between the temperatures of 1300-1500 degrees for each color to achieve the effects shown.

Please see examples and pricing below:

Pins $30.00 pins are about 2” around. Pins made of Glass Enamels, Copper and a Pin Backing.

Pendants $40.00 Pendants are made of Handmade Glass Beads/Glass Enamel/Gold Filled Wire/Black Satin Cord/Copper. Adjustable at about 32” around.

Necklace $130.00 Necklaces are made of Handmade Glass Beads/Enamels/Copper 2″ around/Gold Filled Wire and Toggle. About 23” around.

Enamel Earrings $40.00 Earrings are about 1 ½” long. Leaf Earrings are made of Handmade Glass Beads/Enamels/Copper/Gold Filled Wire. Earrings can be turned into Clip-on or Surgical Steel. An extra charge for clip on earrings.

Glass Bead Earrings $28.00 shown with enamel earrings in images above.

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