Enamel| Leaves

Trees are the symbol of shelter, strength and family. Trees are able to reach out their branches to the sky and grow. I get my inspiration from the trees that surround my fifth generation farmhouse in Bath, Ohio.

I create Copper Enamel Pendants, Necklaces, Earrings and Pins. So far I have created Maple, Tulip, Oak, Hawthorn, Holly, Ginko and Aspen leaves!

$40.00 each Leaf Pendants or Earrings
Leaves made of Handmade Glass Beads/Glass Enamel/Gold Filled Wire/Black Satin Cord/Copper. All adjustable 32” around and please specify color of Enamels.

$130.00 Oak Leaf Necklaces are made of Handmade Glass Beads/Enamels/Copper/Gold Filled Wire and Toggle. 23” around. Specify color of Enamels

$40.00 Leaf Earrings are about 1 ½” long. Leaf Earrings are made of Handmade Glass Beads/Enamels/Copper/Gold Filled Wire.Earrings can be turned into Clip-on or Surgical Steel.  An extra charge of $10.00 for Clip-ons.

$30.00 Hawthorne, Oak and Maple Leaf pins are about 2” – 2 ¾” long. Pins made of Glass Enamels/Copper/Silver Color Pin Back. Specify color of enamels.

$30.00 Oak Leaf Pin
$38.00 Glass Acorn Earrings
$40.00 Copper Enamel Oak Earrings
$40.00 Oak Leaf Pendant
$40.00 Glass Acorn Pendant

Please see the Jewelry Pages for more examples of Enamel Jewelry.

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