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Trees are the symbol of shelter, strength and family. Trees are able to reach out their branches to the sky and grow. Amy’s inspiration comes from the trees that surround her fifth generation farmhouse in Bath, Ohio.

She creates Copper Enamel Pendants, Necklaces, Earrings and Pins. So far she has created Maple, Tulip, Oak, Hawthorn, Holly, Ginko and Aspen leaves! Please specify Autumn or Summer Green colors for the leaves.

All Pins $32.00, Pendants $43.00, Earrings $40.00 a pair and beaded necklaces $130.00

Leaf Pendants or Earrings
Leaves made of Handmade Glass Beads/Glass Enamel/Gold Filled Wire/Black Satin Cord/Copper. All adjustable 32” around and please specify color of Enamels.

Oak Leaf Necklaces are made of Handmade Glass Beads/Enamels/Copper/Gold Filled Wire and Toggle. 23” around. Specify color of Enamels

Leaf Earrings are about 1 ½” long. Leaf Earrings are made of Handmade Glass Beads/Enamels/Copper/Gold Filled Wire.Earrings can be turned into Clip-on or Surgical Steel.  An extra charge for Clip-ons.

Pins are about 2” – 2 ¾” long. Pictured here are Aspen, Oak, Tulip, Ginko and Maple leaves. Pins made of Glass Enamels/Copper/Silver Color Pin Back. Specify Autumn or Summer Green color of enamels.

Oak Leaf Pin
Glass Acorn Earrings
Copper Enamel Oak Earrings
Oak Leaf Pendant
Glass Acorn Pendant

Please see the Jewelry Pages for more examples of Enamel Jewelry.

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