“There’s a deep conviction here ~ being raised on the farm.
I know every field view, the woodlands and along Nichols Creek.”

These enamels are inspired by Amy’s farm in Ohio. The open fields to the deep woods, Maple Trees around the farmhouse and the Dogwood blossoms at the field edge.

“Inspiration of Hope”

~SOLD~ “Dogwood of Hope” $63.00

5 1/2″ around x 1″ deep Bowl ~ crimped edges.

“I have always viewed the Dogwood flowers as a sign of hope ~ hope are what keep me going in rough times. Hope is always there for me.”

~SOLD~ “At The Fields Edge”

8 1/4″ around x 1 1/8″ deep ~ smooth round edge.

“At the fields edge there are Dogwood trees that reach out over catching the sun on a spring morning”

“Fall Time Trees”

“Woodland Farm View”

~SOLD~ “Autumn Lights”

6 3/4″ long Glass Enamel Tray

“I saw the silhouette of the tree trunks against the stain glass leaf forest.”

“Grandmother Maple Sugar”

~SOLD~ “Sugar Maple”

5 1/2″ around x 1″ deep Bowl ~ smooth round edge.

“The Old Maple that grows on the farm sheds its autumn leaves falling through the blue Sky.”


~SOLD~ “Leaf Melody” $62.00

7″ x 1″ tall Bowl ~ wavy edge.

Four different leaves of Maple, Oak, Hawthorne, and Beach. Summer Greens and Warm Autumn colors.

“Your standing in the woods on a warn sunny day and as you look up in the sky leaves fall gently about you.”

~SOLD~ “Earth and Sky” 

7″ x 1″ tall Bowl ~ Smooth, round edge.

“Leaves representing of Earth and Sky.”

~SOLD~ “Moonlight Oak” 

5 1/2″ around x 1″ deep Bowl ~ crimped edges.

“Inspired from the leaves floating on the water’s surface.”

~SOLD~ “Hawthorne Swirl” 

4 ¾” x 6 7/8″ long ~ “Jellybean” shape ~ smooth edge.

“A leaf floating down the creek.”

~SOLD~ “Three Favorites” $73.00 

7″ x 1″ tall Bowl ~ wavy edge.

“Designed from the woodland floor on the farm.”

~SOLD~ vv“Oak Tree Leaf” $62.00 

6 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ tall Bowl ~ wavy edge.

“Inspired from the trees on this Earth.”

“Autumn Floor”

“Farmland Fields Ready For Planting”

“Green Way” $83.00

9″ long Glass Enameled Tray

“Looking out across the field and seeing the lines that the plows had made at planting time”

“Evening Farm”

6″ long x 5″ wide x 1/4″ deep tray. Slight wavy edge.

“View of my fields in the evening. The back side of this tray is different from the rest as it has design of the fields also.”


“Springtime Yard”

~SOLD~ “Wildflower Love” $63.00 

5 ¼” x 1″ deep 6 sided hexagon shape bowl.

“Inspired from the yard in the Spring time.”


“No Weed Killer Please” $58.00 

4 ¾” x 6 7/8″ long ~ “Jellybean” shape ~ smooth edge.

“If ya use weed killer in your yard you kill beauties like these Violets.”


Caught In Motion”

~SOLD~ “Running Deer” 

8″ long copper enamel tray

“Inspired of the wildlife on the farm”


“Two fields Back”

~SOLD~ vSummer Fields” $97.00 

10 1/2″ long x 7 1/4″ wide x 1 1/4″ Deep Oval Tray ~ smooth round edge.

“Inspired from my family farm.”

“Spring Farmland” $89.00 

7″ around x 1″ deep ~ smooth round edge.

“Also inspired from my farm as it’s starting to show signs of springtime!”

“Summer Green Maple”

~SOLD~ Fall Maple / Summer Tulip $53.00 each

“I’m inspired by the woodland trees ~ the groves, the rainforest, open plains and where trees stand.”

A Copper Enamel Tulip Leaf in Summer Green Glass Enamels. Others can be made in shapes of Maple, Oak, and Tulip or any design of leaf in Summer and Fall color Leaves. Please order by colors and type of leaf. Custom orders very much welcomed! No two leaves are alike.


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