Enamel | Feathers

These feather enamels were inspired when Amy encountered a bluebird traveling through KY. on her motorcycle.The idea flew off when She created a line of feather copper enamel pendants, necklaces, pins and earrings. So far she has created copper enamel feather jewelry from bluebirds, cardinals, eagles, owls, blue jays, woodpeckers, turkeys, grouse, and raven feathers! Plus Peacock earrings and pin. Custom feather ideas are always welcomed! 
The glass beads are handmade by Amy to add more color and originality.

“Birds are angels on Earth that become guardian angels when they pass away.”                            

All Pins $32.00, Pendants $43.00, Earrings $40.00 a pair and beaded necklaces $130.00

Copper enamel Owl and Raven feathers to grace your spirit.

BlueJay, Bluebird and a Snowy Owl feather pin displayed with a Raven pendant.

Woodpecker, Eagle and Snowy Owl to fancy up a cap or lapel.

Feeling a bit like Fall with an Owl and Turkey feather pin.

Midnight black Raven pendant and pin with an opal sheen.

Fancy Peacock feather pendant, pin with a pair of earrings.

Please see the Jewelry Pages for more examples of Enamel Jewelry.

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