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Amy Jean has a love of the wild places on Earth. “As I travel across this land I see places that are beautiful and vast ~ these are the kind of places that are subjects for my enamel!

Each piece of copper is either hammered, cut, or bent into free form shapes before their enameled. From this process there will be occasionally small stress cracks – it is part of the enameling process in this case. They are all counter enameled to minimize the stress between the copper and glass enamel. These pieces are fired between the temperatures of 1300 – 1500 degrees for each color to achieve the effects shown. Each piece is then titled and signed by the artist.

If at any time you would like to have one of these items and they are marked “Sold” just let me know and sometimes I can create another piece that is like it. But never would I reproduce anything just like it.

If ever a piece is dropped or stepped on thus causing the enamel to crack and fall off I can fire the enamel and if needed apply more enamel. In most cases I can repair the damage at a very low cost or at no cost. Just pay for the shipping/mailing of the piece to me and then back to you. Please understand there will be a small change in the looks, but very little.

The enameled bowls are not intended for ashtrays or for food use! 

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