Artist Biography

Artist Amy Jean Nichols working her glass rods!

Amy graduated with a B.F.A. degree from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 1982.

Her enameling experience started in 1973, hot glass in 1983 and bead making in 1988.

Examples of Amy Jean’s work can be seen at the White House. Hillary Clinton assembled a collection of crafts to be on permanent display in White House in 1994 and was on a national tour for five years before resting back at the White House in Washington D.C. 

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The enamels are created individually by bending and cutting the copper. Each piece is cleaned, decorated with glass enamel powder and fired in a kiln at 1400 degrees for each color. Somewhat like baking colored sugar cookies! – See the Enamels Page for more details.

To make glass beads she melts glass at a torch. Then glass is wrapped around a steel rod and cooled over night. – See the Beads Page for more details.

Because of her love of individuality she drives BMW motorcycles with sidecars. Transporting her work across the countryside. Since 1986 she has put well over 180,000 miles on the rigs! Check out her Motorcycle Artwork and Adventures!

Meaning of “Rigadoon” – rig·a·doon (rĭg’ə-dōōn’)   n. – A lively two step baroque dance done by a couple that was created in the late 17th century by the French. Thus becoming a good name for Amy Jean’s motorcycle with a sidecar. The name being so unique it soon became a name for Amy Jean’s business too!

“This is the exact representation of what I do.  Be it in the studio with glass and flames or enamel creating the wonderful art you see within these pages or on the trail with my trusty BMW with a sidecar.”
~ Amy Jean Nichols – WindBlownAmy

Amy Jean has lead a life as a self-employed glass artist since 1983. Amy Jean is living and working in her 5th generation home and farm that her Great Great Grandfather and Mother Shaw built in the early 1860’s. The farm was started in about 1830’s by her Great Great Great Grandfather and Mother Shaw.

5th Generation Farmhouse and Studio

Farmer working the Soybean Fields on the Farm

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